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Fall is here and it's almost time to put your tools and outdoor playthings away for the Winter. It is also the perfect time to organize those things in preparation for Spring.

Take advantage of their non-use by paying special attention to how you store them. Update your storage spaces so everything you will use in the coming year will be easily accessible, clean, and ready for that new project.

Here are a few things that can upgrade your shed or garage without spending a lot of time or money:


There are hooks for just about everything from bikes to tools. They offer countless opportunities for saving time and freeing up floor space.


If you have really small items like screws, tape measures, or manuals, drawers are perfect for storage. Tool chests fall into this category as well with dividers for optimal organizing. There are a variety of sizes to choose from and some are even on wheels for conveniently moving them to where you are working.


Containers and Totes are inexpensive and handy ways for storing outdoor toys, sneakers, planters, and the list goes on. The ability to stack is a plus and being clear is a must for identifying what you have.



There are some things that just simply need to be stored on shelves. Whether they are stationary or moveable, they are an absolute necessity for any shed or garage.

Some of the most cost-effective resources for storage are listed here to help you research all your options:

  • Home Depot

  • Lowes

  • Big Lots

  • The Container Store

  • Storables (online only)

  • Walmart

  • Uline (online only)

Take the time to organize during the Winter months. If you do it now, it will be a welcome reward come Spring.

It's as simple as that!

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