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Spring Into Action

Tips for organizing your home while you refresh for spring!

While you are preparing to take on your spring cleaning projects, look for opportunities that can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Assess what you own as you go through drawers and closets making decisions about what you want to continue to store clearing to give you more space and reduce the clutter. The following tips may give you some insight into what you can do to truly bring your home into spring.

  • Gather all your cleaning supplies ahead of starting your project. Make a tote to carry your supplies from room to room for a more efficient experience. Also, look for cleaners that are safe for your family and for the environment.

  • Cleaning under sinks is rarely fun. These are areas we don't pay much attention to as a regular part of daily care. Pull everything out and look for water damage or spills. Lay down a new liner and maybe seek out systems for saving space under your sinks.

  • When cleaning your pantry, cupboard, or refrigerator check your food for expiration dates. Save space by disposing of items that are no longer safe to eat.

  • Your cupboard shelves also need a refresh. Remove your old shelf liners and replace them with new ones that are easy to install and won't grab and come off your shelves when you move things around. If you have adhesive liners already installed, use a mild dish detergent or baking soda and water to remove any stains or dust and dry thoroughly before replacing your tableware.

  • Think about small items that have a tendency to float around your fridge or cabinets. Spices, condiments, and food packets often end up out of place. Containers can make a difference in keeping your packages together and give each area a clean look.

  • It's easy to overlook the condition of the towels we use in our bathrooms and kitchen. This is the perfect time to check for discolored or frayed towels and put them in a special place for mopping up spills or washing the car. Recycle them because they probably still have plenty of life left.

  • Now that winter's over, create space in your closets or mudrooms by storing your winter wear. Use containers that seal tight to prevent moisture damage or pest invasions. If you have limited storage space, use under-bed storage or the top shelves of your closets.

You're already in there deep cleaning every space, so why not take a little extra time to take a deeper look at the things you have and/or need?

Maximize your efforts by creating long-lasting change.

It's as simple as that!


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