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Finding the right container to help you organize your stuff can be tricky. You can spend a lot of money on the wrong item without a little guidance. So, here are some helpful hints that will make you container happy.

  • Measure, measure, measure. Be sure you know how much space you currently have so you buy containers to fit in that space.

  • Consider accessibility. Do you want containers with lids? Do you want flexibility? Make what you use everyday is easy to get to.

  • Buy clear. Look for containers, drawer organizers, or tubs that are clear. They compliment any decor and allow for visibility. Colorful, solid ones are okay too, a long as you are aware of what's inside.

  • Store stackable. When storing lots of containers in garages or closets, make sure they can be stacked to save space. There are many storage containers that have mix and match sizes making any storage area look neat.

  • Research. Do your research to see what's available that will best house your stuff.

  • Spend wisely. Look for sustainable containers. You want to invest your dollars on items that hold up, are easy to store, and meet all your organizing goals.

It's as simple as that!


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