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Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is finally here and we begin to look forward to enjoying the outdoors and all its beauty. The sun is shining, everything is in bloom and we feel alive.

We look forward to planning picnics, vacations, and cookouts. There are boating, fishing, camping, and lots of other activities we are more than ready to get back to.

All around us is a new world cluttered with trees, flowers, and rocks and yet we feel no anxiety. What is it about the scattering of things that nature provides that gives us a feeling of peace? Perhaps it’s because we are not having to face our daily responsibilities for a few welcome moments of calm.

Spring is also the time of year when we refresh our homes following a long winter and, believe it or not, the serenity we find outside can be realized right in our own homes. All we have to do is schedule a little bit of time to evaluate what we have and where it is and then take action.

Every room in our home has the potential of being a place of comfort. A place to unwind and rest. Just imagine what each room would be like if, with only a few simple changes, we could make our homes more enjoyable to live in.

Our homes have rooms for socializing, rooms for resting, spaces for storing the things we own, and each one has the opportunity for creating a peaceful environment. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the garage.

Bringing peace indoors isn't about eliminating collections, photos of family, memorabilia, or reminders of our responsibilities. It can simply mean rearranging those things throughout your living or working environment.

Some Things to Think About...

  • Using decorative bins, boxes, and baskets to contain loose items will reduce the clutter in a room. Just be careful not to have too many. So if you have to drop and run, put your keys, wallet, change, etc. into one place. This is about reducing an overwhelming display that can cause anxiety.

  • Put a decorative basket by the front door to drop your incoming mail. You can sort later when you have time, but it will look much neater than if it is piled up on the kitchen counter. Just check daily to avoid missing important items.

  • Focus on organizing one room at-a-time because taking on more can lead to delays and frustration.

  • Investing in new containers or shelving isn’t always necessary. Look to see if you have items that can be repurposed for storage.

  • Redistribute and make accessible what you own and you will find space you didn’t know you had. Redistributing is not about getting rid of things, it’s about examining what you have that can be relocated to a better place.

  • Taking down the clutter of reminder notes and to-do lists on your refrigerator will reduce an overwhelming display that can cause anxiety. Writing them in a journal keeps them from being a constant in-your-face awareness of things you haven't yet accomplished. Leaving the journal on a table is reminder enough that you need to review your notes or enter new ones. If you must have notes on the refrigerator make them positive and inspirational.

  • Pack up your collections and rotate them throughout the year just like you would your seasonal decorations. This is a refreshing way to reduce the clutter without feeling like you have to toss things out. Permanent removal of items that interfere with your peace comes naturally and once you are ready to reduce your belongings, consider giving to others. This brings with it a sense of completion and is heartwarming to experience.

The purpose of creating a calming environment is to reduce stress not create more by setting overwhelming goals. Once you make the decision to change, the activity surrounding the effort becomes easier. Visualize implementing your own elements of design, elements that make you feel good. Use colors on your walls that are warm, put up artwork that brings you enjoyment and remove anything that reminds you of negative or sad experiences. Top off your organizing efforts with low lighting and pleasant aromas to refresh your soul, realize your dreams, and live your way to calm.

So, open the windows, put things where they belong, create homes for all your extras, and bring Spring into your home.

It's as simple as that.


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