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A realtor’s dream is knowing that they have made their client's buying or selling experience stress-free and rewarding. They are there to make your own dreams come true.

They can can find you that perfect home and give you resources for improving as you grow. But, when it comes to the physical aspect of your move, it's all up to you.

Packing and unpacking are important for a successful move. It requires planning which requires a little bit of research to be sure nothing gets lost or broken. You need to know if you should hire a moving company or a professional organizer to pack you. There are materials that you need to acquire and time to devote to the effort.

You also want to make sure that whoever you hire is thorough and priced reasonably. Your belongings need to be handled with respect and keeping the cost down is worth the investigation.

Another consideration is the unpacking. Pre-planning will help organize your packing so that unpacking is less of a chore. Marking boxes clearly identifying exactly what's inside is a huge help when you are ready to put things away. Then when you arrive at your new home have your packed boxes put in their respective rooms.

Plan your time, materials, and your financial investments before you start to pack and reduce the risk of unexpected surprises.

It's as simple as that!

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