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Real Estate for Your Rescued Pet

You have just done one of the most humane things anyone can do. You have rescued a pet who was in need of a home. Now, all you need are some ideas for creating real estate they can call their own.

Your pet wants to be warm, held, fed and loved just like you. So why shouldn't they have all the comforts of home just like you. Organize a space just for your new pet, not just a place for them to eat and sleep, but a place for all their things, as well.

The first thing you need to consider, before you bring them home, is what they will need to have to make them comfortable and healthy. Each pet is unique so ask your pet rescue association or vet for information on the appropriate grooming supplies, toys, food and other accessories before you buy.

Next, giving them a place to sleep is very important. If you have rescued a dog or cat, find something soft and warm and not too big so they can feel cuddled and secure in their new environment.

Keep beds away from furnaces or air conditioning ducts, don't bed them down where they eat or near litter boxes and keep grooming supplies in a separate area.

Now, you will want to create space to store all their things. Here are some tips for keeping your pet organized.


Use plastic containers and drawers for storing grooming supplies safely sealed for protecting pets and children from tools and harmful chemicals. Also, store these items low to the ground and away from human food.

Containers are also good for dry food storage, keeping out moisture and making it easier to dish out a meal. Store canned food along with can openers (if necessary), scoops and extra bowls on low shelves for easy access.

Toy storage can be functional and still look good in your home. Baskets and decorative boxes give your room a nice touch and are easy to maintain at the end of a busy day.


Store litter boxes in areas of the home where they are accessible, easy to clean and well ventilated. Keep liners, scoops and extra litter stored in containers near the box and all away from bedding and food

Hang leashes, poo-bags and coats (yes, coats) on hooks close to the door making them handy for walks outside. This will also eliminate hunting them down when you are ready to go.

Your pet was protected by rescue organizations who care deeply for the lives of those who can't care for themselves. AARF (Ashland Animal Rescue Fund) is one of the many who go out of their way to perform this much needed function.

So, now that you have adopted, you have the responsibility of protecting and giving them the love they have been missing. By giving them their own real estate, you will keep them warm, safe and content. Experience endless rewards by caring enough to organize their world.

It's as simple as that!

Container images compliments of Sterilite®.

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