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Well Balanced Home Leads to a Well Balanced Life

A well balanced home leads to a well balanced life full of opportunities requiring only minor change for success.

From the moment we rise until we are, once again, fast asleep, we demand structure. We schedule time to go and do but neglect to realize how much time is actually required to prepare and complete. We pack so many tasks into our day that we limit ourselves by neglecting what is necessary to maintain order in our homes and without order we feel unbalanced and lose focus.

Our daily routines dictate our behavior and failure to recognize how we prioritize our projects can lead to negative results and close the door to spontaneity. When we are late because we didn't allow time for preparation we become frustrated. When we can't deliver on a deadline we become exasperated because we didn't allow time for completion. When we ignore what is necessary to put away our things in a proper order we become overwhelmed because we didn't prioritize these projects into our daily routine and are now faced with a larger project. But, our behavior takes a positive turn when what we schedule works out to our expectations resulting in happiness, freedom and the ability to dream.

A re-examination of our responsibilities, gives us a better sense of the time we truly need to bring order to our homes. Once we are able to re-evaluate our priorities and cut back on the unnecessary, we are then able to effectively balance our homes, improve our behavior and positively impact our lifestyle.

It's as simple as that!

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