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Your Store Front

Your store front is a reflection of you, your business and your dreams. It is the first thing your customers see when they pass by and it is your opportunity to make an impression that encourages them to stop in.

It is also important to use your store in support of the community. Posting notices of local events calls out loud that you are a part of what matters to the personal lives of your customers. Flyers and posters also announce store sales and special promotions but, good intentions can often lead to a cluttered display on windows and doors.

Organizing isn't just for the home or the office or the inside of our city shops. Organizing your store front makes your store appealing and inviting to your potential customers. Crowded windows filled with signage hides what's inside. It covers up the ability to show off your wares or services. It detracts from the hard work you have put forth to make your store unique and welcoming.

So display those signs. Show community support. Just organize them in a way that leaves a view into your shop for all to see. Change them out, make them attractive, announce your specials and get those walk-ins. You don't need to have a cluttered store front that gives the impression that you don't care. Be proud of what you have accomplished and let everyone on the street know that you care about their business and that what's on the outside is as important of what's on the inside.

It' as simple as that!

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