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Habits are behaviors that are repetitive actions we do without thinking like putting on your right shoe first each time you get dressed. This type of habit probably won't lead to negative results but there are some that can prevent us from enjoying our lives.

We all have habits but don't always recognize how they impact our well-being. Ask yourself these questions and see if they might apply to you. Then ask yourself what can I do to make changes and create good habits that will eliminate haphazardous behavior.

1. Do I put my keys, sunglasses and wallet in the same place every day when I walk in the front door?

2. Do I make a list of what to buy at the grocery store so I avoid buying things I don't need?

3. Do I put things back in their proper place after I use them?

4. Do I correspond to emails and messages in a timely manner?

5. Do I schedule time for myself?

6. Do I sort before I store?

7. Do I schedule time on a regular basis to go through a closet or drawer?

8. Do I return my shopping bags to my car?

9. Do I keep coins and coupons in my car to make parking and shopping for specials a no-brainer?

10. Do I write down my appointments so I'm always on time?

Make your life a bit less stressful with just a few small changes.

It's as simple as that!

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