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The 4 Deterrents-Part Four Space

I believe there are four things that deter us from taking that first step to living organized. And, these four things are the reasons the overwhelming condition thrives. They are decision making, motivation, time and space. So, we need to put them in perspective if we want to experience a beneficial result.

The areas within our homes and offices that provide containment for the things we have accumulated over time whether it is paperwork, memories or decor is called space. When we see empty space we have a tendency to want to fill it but feel the impact of despair when we no longer can. We can’t stand to have a blank wall, an empty shelf or drawer and we all suffer from this.

We want to display what we have purchased, where we have traveled or what we have created for our friends and families to see or in the case of work, we display reminders of goals we want to set, who we love and our accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with displaying our things until we run out of space and when overcrowding occurs we can become overwhelmed.

Not only do we display, we also stuff things into drawers and closets, hiding them out of sight but never freeing ourselves from knowing that we will have to deal with the overcrowding at a later date. While they may be put away, the lack of order can create the overwhelming condition to exist.

Space is an opportunity, and in some cases, a luxury. It can confuse us when we realize we don’t know how to gain more space or utilize it better. Our shelves and walls have so much on them that they draw attention away from conversations or study or creativity. We can lose focus when we are surrounded by too much stuff.

Our first reaction to clutter is to think of ways to clear it away without throwing it away. We look to purchase containers or furniture and often buy what we really don't need because we fail to take the time to evaluate the contents of our current space before we invest in new. When space is at a premium, there are many ways to accommodate the need for extra storage just make sure you plan what to buy based not only on what you have now, but what you will probably purchase in the future. Also keep in mind that pretty isn’t always functional.

Look into revamping the storage you currently have. There may be opportunities to repurpose furniture saving you money. Maybe a chest of drawers could be used elsewhere and for something other than clothes or maybe a bookshelf could be used for storing towels freeing up space in a closet. Storage space doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective and look nice.

Don’t forget your options for storage containers, either. Just as with buying furniture, assess what you want stored and where you want to put that new storage space before you buy. We can go a little bit container happy when we see how inexpensive containers are. And, there are so many options out there to choose from. There are drawer dividers, kitchen organizers, garage totes, shoe boxes, file boxes, closet organizers, food containers and the list goes on. It’s wonderful to know that we have so many options for creating and managing our space. Just be sure to spend wisely.

If you are planning on downsizing, you will definitely need to evaluate before you buy space. Take a hard look at what you own and cherish before you decide to buy that tiny home or move into that small apartment. Not only is this a commitment to reducing clutter, it is a commitment to an entirely different lifestyle. A lifestyle that doesn't allow us to collect and over accumulate. Aside from the obvious elimination of things we own, we need to restrict ourselves from acquiring more than our space allows.

Once you move toward increasing your space through elimination or effective storage you will experience the benefits of a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

It's as simple as that!

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