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Boxes, Containers and Bins...Oh My!

There are many types of boxes, containers and bins available for purchase, in which to store your things.

There are clear ones and latched ones, drawers and trays, some have handles and some have dividers. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and some are decorative while others look more industrial. Just go online and look up boxes, containers and bins and you will see for yourself that there are a lot to choose from.

But, before you spend your dollars on what you think is the right box, container or bin for you, consider what you really want it do. What will it store? How easy is it to get to what you need? Where is it going to live? Is it easy to move? Evaluate what and how much you have to determine the right size for holding what you need it to hold.

So, before you buy, explore your options and ask yourself what you want its function to be. Make sure it is the right storage option for your needs. Be sure you aren't buying something that you will have to return. And watch out for containers that limit your ability to expand.

Boxes, containers and bins can tidy up the things you store, if you plan ahead.

Think outside the box before you organize within it.

It's as simple as that!

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