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Pet Things

No two pets are created equal. For those of us who have little furry, slippery, scaly, feathered friends we know that it is important to have places to keep all their pet things.

Cats and dogs, being the most common pets that roam your home, need their own things and although we love them like children, they often leave their things­ (catnip, mice, chew toys, important pieces of paper, a stick discovered in the backyard), wherever they happen to drop them. You probably find a lot of their things after you have tripped over them in the middle of the night.

They can be disorganized and are not likely to put their belongings back where they should go. So that's where you, their beloved best friend, comes in. Here are a few things you can do to keep their places neat and organized.


Your pet deserves their own special place. Not just a place to

sleep or eat but a place where all their grooming products, leashes and medicines are well organized and convenient. Think of it as their closet. A place, just for their things, separate from their eating and sleeping areas, just like you keep similar things away from your bed or kitchen table. Find a low shelf in a closet or create a space for a container that can easily be accessed when you need something and then easily stored again when you're done.


It is often cost effective to purchase large bags of dry food but trying to wrestle with these bags when you need to feed your pet can be weighty. Break that huge bag down into two

easily manageable plastic containers with secure lids to keep food fresh. Place one container close at hand and one stored until needed. This last container is also the reminder that you need to make a pet store run to stock up. And, putting a plastic placemat under your pet’s food dish is a good idea for catching drips and pieces of food that might fall in the haste of getting every delicious morsel.


Create a comfortable space for your pet to sleep. Look for places that are quiet with less foot traffic and protective like a corner or under a staircase. They want to be comfy and feel secure, just like you, and leave a brush near their bed. Daily brushing not only makes your pet happy, it will cut down on shedding. They will feel like they have just returned from the spa.


It doesn't take much to entertain your dog or cat. It can be as simple as a cardboard box or a piece of yarn or a shoe. Grab a box or a basket just large enough to store their playthings with enough of an opening so they can grab what they want whenever they want it. When they are done with their toys, just toss them back in the box for next time unless your pet is trained to put away their toys.


Now, not all pets have four-legs, fur or can play fetch. If you own a fish or a bird or a turtle or a snake or a hamster, storing large quantities of food isn't an issue, however, storing their food (live or not) will keep it fresh if stored in containers. And, it's still a good idea to keep all their personal items nearby and at the ready. They do have toys and maybe filters, vitamins, gravel or cleaning supplies and having them handy just makes sense.

No matter how loveable they are, your pets are never going to be organized on their own, but with a few simple changes, you can give them the best attention and comfort possible.

It's as simple as that!

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