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Declutter in Style

Declutter because it's mind boggling when papers are strewn across a counter or desk. It's frustrating when you can’t find your keys or your wallet. It’s dangerous when you have to walk around objects that have been left on the floor by kids, dogs and you…yes, even you.

But all is not lost. Sometimes we just need a temporary fix toward a more permanent solution. Learning to contain clutter is easier when you start with simple manageable solutions like designating places to drop your things when you are on the go. Put a festive tray or large bowl on the counter to collect keys, stray paperclips, hair ties and change. Place a small attractive box or basket in a different location for receipts and mail. Use a larger decorative basket or box in any room by any door to catch those shoes that were kicked off at the end of a busy day or the toys that didn’t make it to the toy box or any number of items immediately dropped because we didn’t have the time or energy to put them in their proper place. The more you use these bowls, trays and dropoff boxes, the easier it will be to relocate them to their permanent space while at the same time reducing the clutter in the most lived in areas of your home.

Remember to clear your temporary storage spots often. Be careful not to let your things overflow. This is not their permanent home so when they begin to look like they live there, set aside a time to put them away. Just like cleaning your home, taking small steps along the way makes the big job easier.

When your things are contained, the clutter, frustration and danger are eliminated. Why? Because you create space and when you create space, you create order and when you create order, you create calm. Live clutter free. It's only a few steps away.

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