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My Work

I am a Professional Organizer, by trade, which has given me insight into human behavior and its ability to adapt to change. Based on this experience, I have written a non-fiction book, as well as, articles, and blogs. However, as I am open to exploration, my writing has resulted in delving into a variety of genres throughout my life. My work includes; magazine articles, children's books, and poetry which, also, includes erotica. This wide range in style comes from my understanding that the at-the-moment expression can only be told in the form appropriate to that expression.


Below is a list of published and unpublished works and links to excerpts. Copyright information is available upon request.


Non-Fiction Books

Out of Order: Hope for the situationally disorganized

Excluding Becky Sue

Fiction Books 

Chicken Pox and Me

You're Such a Character


Short Stories

The Everythings 




Hot VW Magazine


Ashland Living

Web Content





Poetry by Jon B Reynaldi

Note: Some are of an erotic nature




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