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Moving Season

August and September are two of the busiest months for making a move into a new home.

Once the wheels are in motion, we tend to think that we have a lot of time to prepare but inevitably we are faced with unforeseen issues when it comes down to the wire leaving us stressed and frustrated.

There are so many things to consider when making a move. You have to wade through paperwork, walk-throughs, and inspections with your real estate agent, schedule movers and/or rent a truck, start packing, change utilities, change addresses, clear out your existing home, unpack, and so much more.

But, don't let these things overwhelm you because there are ways to reduce the stress and actually enjoy your move. Look at this as a chance to experience new opportunities, make new friends, and explore. For every challenge, there is a positive outcome and a few helpful tips can make all the difference.

  • This is the perfect time to look for items that you no longer value or use. This will be most beneficial for lightening the load when you pack and ensuring that you are putting only the things you love into your new space.

  • You don't need to spend a lot of money on packing materials. Do a little research to find supplies that are strong but inexpensive. Just make sure that what you buy is consistent in size for easy stacking and medium to small to make things easier to move. Mixing linens with heavy items will also make those boxes easier to carry. Wine and liquor boxes are perfect for books and garbage bags are perfect for moving clothes from your closet.

  • If you are planning on moving yourself, hire people to help you with the heavy stuff. There is no need to further exhaust yourself when there is plenty of help available. Many truck rental companies also provide a list of movers for hire.

  • Some things you need to know about hiring moving companies. Many will put your items on their trucks along with others to be more cost-effective. Be sure to find out how long it will take till they get to your new home and find out if a semi-truck can make it up your street to unload. You may have to unload into a smaller truck to have your stuff delivered at an extra cost.

  • Arrange for someone to come in and clean your now-empty home. The last thing you need after arranging and packing is to have to clean the home you are leaving. There are companies out there that will come in and clear out trash and clean kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. It is well worth the investment.

Write down everything you need to accomplish for a successful move and budget for materials, movers, and house cleaning teams. There are lots of resources that can help make your move a little less stressful. All it takes is a little research and a brand new outlook.

It's as simple as that!


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