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Sometimes when we are faced with a large organizing project it is difficult to get motivated to take it on.

Everyone, at some time, needs a little encouragement to help get up and moving. Having someone we can reach out to that will be honest and supportive can make all the difference in taking on projects when we don't want to.

When we think about reorganizing a closet or a garage, we quickly realize it might not be as easy as it sounds and so we stop, Just talking with a friend or colleague can automatically push us into action. They now know our goals and our reasons for putting our projects off and because they know that can motivate us. Conversations with others can also make us accountable because we have now put ourselves out there. Just remember that there is no failure in trying so there can be no disappointment because we share.

So talk to someone. Tell then what you want to do and why you aren't motivated. Not only will your voice be heard by those that care but you will hear it for yourself as well. Remember you can do anything.

It's as simple as that!

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