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Here they come. Holiday celebrations galore. All the fun with family and friends, all the well wishes for the season, and all the preparations you need to make so each event will be special.

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to organize your home because you need space to decorate and entertain. The time it takes will wield incredible results and give you confidence in knowing your home is well managed and that you are free to fully enjoy each and every occasion as much as your guests.

Here are some suggestions for getting organized before and after during this amazing time of year.

  • Before you pull out your holiday decorations, clear away existing knick-knacks, photos, or other items you aren't going to need out on display until the party's over. Temporarily store them in clear plastic containers to give you more space for seasonal decorations, as well as, reducing clutter. Just be cautious when buying containers so you don't buy too many or ones that are too large.

  • Put a plan together well ahead of time for each event. Include the decorations you intend to use, recipes, guest lists, invitations, and assign dates and times in order to comfortably prepare for setting up your events. Then place your plan along with your recipes, guest lists, invitations, or any other items you will need into containers and label them according to each occasion. Planning ahead will eliminate guesswork once it's time to entertain.

  • Put decorative baskets out with toys for the little ones, as well as for, gifts, umbrellas, cards, or other items to keep them contained instead of allowing them to be scattered throughout your home. Guests will appreciate the added touches.

  • When each celebration is over, sort through your decorations and consider if you want to keep them for next year. Remember there are always new ones that will catch your eye and reducing what you have now will eliminate sorting in the future. Then store them in the same clear containers you used for the things you removed before you decorated. Swapping out is a great way to keep your home beautiful and less cluttered.

Organize for the season and enjoy.

It's as simple as that!


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