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Donate Smart

Be smart about when and where to donate, whether it's clothing, toys, furniture, or anything else you are prepared to give away.

Too often, we choose a familiar donation center overlooking if your items will be resold or if a location will even accept what you are willing to part with. There are many other charities or shelters in your area where you can take donations. Think about doing a little research to find the place where your donations will best serve those in need.

It's important to examine what you have as it may not be useful or serve a purpose without the need for cleaning or repairing. If it's torn, broken, or dirty, mend it or clean it yourself before considering giving it away.

Some people prefer to avoid centers that resell donated goods. If this makes you uncomfortable, search for churches, women's shelters, or homeless shelters that will be more than glad to take clothing, toiletries, books, and toys. Then you will know they are going to help those who can't afford the price of used goods.

Try posting items like furniture or housewares for sale online. Mark them for free to be sure someone else will benefit. Even though there is no tax deduction available this way, it's a wonderful way to let go of something that donation centers or charities will not accept.

If you feel you could make a little money from your used furniture or other items that can't be donated, search out consignment houses. If the items are in decent condition, a phone call is worth finding out if what you own has some value.

When items are unusable or damaged, check with recycling centers or your local sanitation department to ask how you can dispose of them. This could include metal, construction materials, electronics, old appliances, beds, plastic, and documents. And don't forget there are many places where you can donate your used car or truck.

When you are downsizing or simply cleaning out, donate what you have just be smart about who will benefit from your good nature.

It's as simple as that!


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