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Contributing Author Emily Huddleston

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and because moms deserve the best – the perfect gift can be tough to shop for. To make things even more tricky, you can’t exactly go browsing at the mall or her favorite store right now. But don’t worry. What if instead of buying something, you fixed up a special space for mom in her house? Having an organized space for creative projects, relaxing, or reading is one of the best presents you could give mom this year.  Check out these 8 room makeover ideas and create the perfect retreat for mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Craft Room Makeover Does the mom in your life love to scrapbook, knit scarves and blankets, or transform vintage yard sale finds into works of art? Fixing up a special spot for her to harness her creativity and tackle crafts may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If there’s not already a designated spot in the house for a craft space, find an unused nook or simply set up a small table in a guestroom or home office. You don’t need a ton of space — just room for the essentials. If she already has her own crafting space, organize that messy area as a Mother’s Day surprise.

Must-haves: A bulletin board — complete with inspiration shots — is a fun way to personalize a craft room’s style without having to add additional art. Besides the basics, consider ordering a new set of colorful pens and pencils online. Decorating tip: If you don’t have a standard desk to use for storage, items that normally go in a drawer — like scissors — can be hung on hooks for functional wall art.

2. Reading Nook

Most moms would love a little more time to themselves. Set up a spot near a sunny window or bookshelf for curling up with a book. A window seat is the perfect potential reading nook. Add a shelf with some of her favorite reads. Fluff up a few pillows and blankets to make it cozy. If there isn’t a window seat in her home, you can achieve the same feel with a comfy chair in a well-lit corner.

Must-haves: Accessorize with plenty of big pillows and a soft blanket or two. Don’t forget a small table to hold cups of tea. Make sure this room makeover has adequate lighting or a lamp nearby for late nights or stormy afternoons – especially if she lives somewhere like Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA where it’s often overcast and gloomy. 

Decorating tip: Consider putting in an easy-to-install curtain around the nook for privacy (and naps).

3. Baking Station

If she loves to bake, setting up a baking station is as much a gift to yourself as it is to her. Regardless of the kitchen size, it’s worth it to get inspired and designate a place for all of her baking supplies. Fill a small, portable cart with essential ingredients, tools, cookbooks, and recipes.

Must-haves: Glass containers make it easy to find basic ingredients. Keep a few cutting boards, whisks, rubber spatulas, and rolling pins on the cart too. Think about what mom likes to bake and add the appropriate items — cookie cutters or cupcake liners, for instance.

Decorating tip: Make sure the cart can be stored when it’s not in use. If there just isn’t enough room for it in your mother’s kitchen, consider clearing and organizing a shelf near a convenient countertop or workspace as a makeshift baking station.

4. Home Office Makeover

If your mom typically works in an office, she is likely working from home right now. But even if she’s retired, having a space to work on her own special projects is important. It doesn’t have to be particularly grand. It could just be a matter of helping her clean up a cluttered home office or kitchen desk space, sliding a desk and chair into an empty closet, or transforming an unused hutch into an easy-to-clean home office.

Must-haves: Make sure that whatever space you choose has adequate lighting, outlets, and internet access. Complete the room makeover with a few patterned boxes, a fun bulletin board, and a unique mouse pad.

Decorating tip: If you’re helping mom set up a small home office, keep in mind that you don’t have to store everything nearby. Store extra paper, files, and other less-used supplies in labeled boxes and in another room.

5. Bath Sanctuary

Moms always deserve to be pampered, but this is especially true on Mother’s Day. While we typically send our moms to the spa to get cared for, she can still have a luxurious spa experience from the comfort of her home. A great place to start is to design a relaxing space for mom to take the ultimate spa bath at home.

Must-haves: With the right tools, an average bath can become a place for pampering. Accessories are key with this room makeover — candles, plush towels, silky bath oils, soft soaps, and sponges should all be laid out. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom too. It’s difficult to relax in a bathroom that’s a mess.

Decorating tip: Take into account that scent is a huge emotional trigger. Choose subtly scented candles and bath oils that blend, not clash, with one another.

6. Relaxing Outdoor Space Maybe mom’s outdoor space is a place that relaxes her more than a bubble bath. Sweep off an outdoor patio or rake the dead debris out of her garden. Freshen things up with a new layer of gravel, freshly potted plants, or even a newly planted tree.

Must-haves: A truly comfortable outdoor space has all the makings of a great indoor space. Hang up some wind chimes, add side tables for iced tea and magazines, bring out cozy pillows and blankets, and ensure there is good lighting (whether natural or artificial). Decorating tip: Aromatherapy is a quick way to relax. Adding fragrant plants to the outdoor area is a simple way to make the space more enjoyable. Incorporate potted plants, or plant them in the ground around your seating area. Lavender, gardenia, and clematis are all great options that provide a light and sweet fragrance that can last through the summer.

7. Organized Closet Create a celeb-worthy closet space for mom. Even if she doesn’t have a magical dressing room, a few personal touches can make even a plain closet worth spending time in. Organize clothes by color and try to make things accessible and easy on the eye. Replace any worn-out sweater boxes or shoe racks with labeled alternatives, hang purses and jewelry on the wall, and neatly fold clothes in drawers. Must-haves: Place wall hooks on the inside walls of the closet. This will act as a designated space for scarves, belts, purses, bathing suits, etc. Additionally, it will allow mom to quickly grab frequently used items and accessories. Decorating tip: Fluorescent-lit dressing rooms have taught us that lighting makes all the difference when trying on clothes. With this room makeover, make sure mom has a flattering spot to put her outfits together. A floor lamp could be a nice alternative to harsh overhead lighting.

8. Clean House If there’s one thing mom shouldn’t have to do on Mother’s Day, it’s clean the house. It doesn’t sound that fancy, but if she is too busy to do it herself, cleaning her house can be the perfect gift. Deep clean her kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. Clear her clutter and get things organized. You can take on the task yourself, or give her a gift card to a cleaning service so she can schedule it on her own time.

Contributing Author

Emily Huddleston Emily is part of the content marketing team and enjoys writing about real estate trends and home improvement. Her dream home would be a charming Tudor-style house with large windows to let in lots of natural light. Email Emily

Originally published by Redfin


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