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Even though it may not feel like Spring yet, this is the perfect time to be inspired. The time is coming when birds start singing, new colors cover the earth, and our energy is renewed. This is the time for making plans to give our homes a lift that will last until the next snow falls.

Here are some ways to plan for change and become inspired to take on projects to refresh your home and your life.

1. Put on some mellow instrumental music, sit in a comfortable spot, and look around you. Let yourself become aware of the condition of your home. Write down what you would like to change to create a new energy, from cleaning to organizing. Maybe you would like your kitchen to be more efficient, or do a little redecorating, or reorganize a closet or your garage. Write it all down and then break it down.

2. Make a list of small tasks that will allow you to fulfill your larger goals. Tasks that you can easily complete in two to four hours. Schedule these tasks on your calendar as you would any event and stick to it. You don't have to do everything at once, because with small efforts you will achieve satisfaction with each completed task.

3. Plan to host a party. When you are scheduling your cleaning and organizing projects, include a date for inviting friends and family to your home. This is a wonderful incentive to get you moving and keep you on task. Hope is an awesome motivator.

4. When you clear your shelves and cupboards for cleaning consider what you have and how often you use it before you put everything away. Arranging things differently will give you more space and access to things you use most often. Think about giving what you don't need to those that do. Bring something new into the life of someone who doesn't have as much as you.

5. Reward yourself. Schedule time for just you to thank yourself for a job well done.

Enjoy the thought of refreshing your home. This spring could be the best opportunity for making it easier to manage your home and give yourself time to embrace the season.

It's as simple as that!

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