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Tips for Getting a Helping Hand

Life’s challenges can make it difficult to sift through the things we own in order to improve our living environment. But, it is as important to take care of our living space as it is to take care of our physical selves.

What we own can get out of control and create a stressful, overwhelming condition. Once you begin to evaluate what you own, you will begin to reduce that stress.

It all sounds simple, but it often is not. Sometimes it takes a third party, a friend or family member to share the experience with you. That doesn’t mean allowing them to make decisions for you, but to offer support in ways that provide a benefit to your efforts.

Here are some tips for setting guidelines so that someone can lend a helping hand without interfering and creating more stress.

1. Explain that you are experiencing a high level of stress.

2. Let them know that you have a difficult time letting things go.

3. Allow them to bring your items to a central location where you can go through those things and make decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

4. Have them sit with you and let you talk about the things you own.

5. Ask for their opinion when you are undecided but remember it is ultimately your decision.

6. If they see that you are giving something away ask them if they would like to have it.

7. Have them help you box up your donations and go with you to drop them off.

8. Set aside a container for storing memorabilia and separate ones for passing to family or friends.

9. Set aside time to devote to your project.

10. Have them help you organize the remaining items you want to keep putting them in the right place for future use.

Going through your things with someone by your side makes it easier to make decisions.

It's as simple as that!

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