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Falling Into Change

As we move into Fall, we see the wonder of nature changing. We see the world filled with color and are refreshed by the crispness in the air. We begin to think of family gatherings and harvest festivals and what we can do to make each event meaningful for a lifetime.

There are decorations that need to be made, recipes we want to share and invitations to send out. In addition to those preparations, here are some tips for creating even fonder memories.

1. Place a guest book near the front door so you will be reminded of who came to celebrate with you.

2. Invite guests to bring a photograph of themselves or their families and have them drop them in a decorative basket to share and encourage conversation.

3. Put a container filled with toys in a low traffic area for the kids in the crowd.

4. Decorate several trash cans and place them around the rooms you will use for entertaining.

5. Set a few chairs and tables in small groups for intimate conversations.

6. Use trays for food and beverages to make it easier to clear space once the party is over.

7. Leave blank colorful paper and pens around the room for guests to write something special about their visit then follow up with thank you notes including their comments from your event.

This is an amazing time of year for creating memories. So, pull out all the stops.

It's as simple as that!

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