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When It's Time

We live in a world made up of many personalities. Among them are the few that live in conditions most of us would find disturbing. Homes that are not only cluttered but unhealthy.

Some call them hoarders, some call them disgusting but all of them are people who have suffered from a variety of occurrences in their lives that have, over time, created who they are with behaviors that are difficult for us to understand.

Most of us don't have trouble cleaning our homes or recognizing when things are out of place. We pick up and put things away and don't give it second thought. Those in distress won't clean or put things away because even though we sense disarray they don't see it as such. To them the clutter and the dirt we see as disgusting just isn't to them.

We tend to judge and, from good intentions, we try to help. We want to stop their pain, even though they may not sense they are in pain. We want them to make changes that will, most assuredly, lead to an improved lifestyle. Well, that's what we want. Even though they may say they want to make changes, it goes far beyond our expectations for that to happen. It takes a professional in the behavioral sciences arena to provide the care they need.

The best thing you can do to help someone who lives in an overcrowded or unhealthy home is to call a psychologist for help. These are extreme cases that require sensitivity and expert advice.

Don't yell. Don't judge. Be kind. Understand that their problems go far beneath their skin. Deep in places that only help from the outside can provide.

One place to call to reach experts that care and understand is Tri-State Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC. You can reach them at (606) 325-4091.

When it's time, give someone you love real help.

It's as simple as that!

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