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Mouths Wide Shut

What does it mean when we say we hold your information in confidence? It means that information about whatever you own, whatever you do, whoever you know never leaves when we leave your home.

Honoring your personal business in confidence is of the utmost importance for any company. Keeping close guard not to disclose information that belongs only to you instills trust. Without a code of ethics, businesses run the risk of not only losing you as a customer but having that lack of silence noted to others.

Anytime you open your door to a service professional, you assume that you are safe from having your privacy invaded. There is nothing more damaging than finding out your neighbors or colleagues know that things you kept private have surfaced and are now public knowledge.

Confusion Solution understands the importance of maintaining silence when it comes to working in your home. We value your decision to organize your life and whatever we see or hear never leaves with us.

We listen and observe, but never tell.

It's as simple as that!

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