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Your Home and Your Health

Your home is where you live, play, raise your children and sometimes work. It is where you entertain, store your precious memories and share experiences. Your home is your resting place and the center of daily activity. Keeping your home in good health is essential because when it is neglected it can bring you down or make you feel frustrated.

So, what makes a home healthy and how can you maintain a living environment that will bring you happiness resulting in a healthier you?

First of all, recognize what it is that is out of order or broken. Is it a cluttered closet, an over worked office or an out-of-control garage? Identifying the illness will lead to a remedy so, write down what you have observed and imagine what it will take to begin the healing process.

Next, realize that you are not the only one in the home that may be suffering. Take into consideration how changes will play a role in the lives of others and work to help them feel the rewards of a healthy home. Ask for input and physical assistance. By involving others in the process, they will gain a sense of accomplishment at having made a positive impact on their home's wellbeing.

Then re-define your space. Clear away what you don't want and find alternative ways to store your things so they are easily accessible and have a place to call their very own.

Finally, don't just put a bandaid on your owie. Seek to heal your home for a more permanent lasting result. Bring your home back to health and you along with it.

It's as simple as that!

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