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Organized Travel

During this time of year, we often visit family and friends. Whether you are traveling by car plane or backpack, going hundreds of miles or only a few, there are ways to keep your travel gear to a minimum. Organized travel is the best way to enjoy the holidays or any time you are on the road, on a cruise or in the air.

It is likely that most of us don't think of putting our things in order before a trip. Oh, sure, we organize our clothes in suitcases but when it comes to other concerns we don't plan ahead.

If you are traveling by car you need to consider:

  • Automotive care (tire pressure gauges, GPS and even paper maps)

  • Emergency phone numbers

  • Money for tolls

  • Basic emergency gear (flares, first aid, etc.)

Look at the space you have and find appropriate containers for keeping things in order that can be stowed in your vehicle for easy access. Be careful not to over do it, though. Containers and travel bags take up space. Leave room for comfort especially on long distance treks.

If you are planing to take a plane, train or bus keep those suitcases to a minimum. No matter where you travel you will be able to buy whatever you left behind unless it's a family member. You can do laundry, buy health and beauty supplies and even get extra cash when you are away from home. So don't stress if you think you might have forgotten something on your list.

Take your gifts and leave your clutter behind. Make travel fun not a burden. Lighten the load because with a little preparation, your holiday travel will be an amazing journey toward your final destination.

It's a simple as that!

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