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Natural Peacefulness

The simplicity of nature. We find calm in her surroundings and though filled with inconsistencies in color, shape and placement we manage to breathe easier. Though cluttered with limbs, leaves and rocks, we feel no anxiety. It is an amazing transition from our routine. Amazing that by simply leaving the buildings where we work and live we encounter a world that removes us from our concerns taking us to a place unencumbered by responsibilities and accumulations.

Know this, that the peace we find outside of our brick and mortar environment can be realized in our homes and offices to bring us this same sense of calm. Recognizing what makes us feel relaxed and stress free when we are outdoors is the first step for making changes and implementing them inside. What is it about the clutter that nature provides that gives us a feeling of peace? Is it simply that there are no reminders of our responsibilities or is it that the colors and sounds have a positive affect on our emotional well being?

Once you decide to bring that natural peacefulness inside, try to identify what made you feel at peace. Look, then, to redefine what you want your living and working space to be in order to accomplish that goal. Begin by concentrating on designating a space within your home specifically to encourage relaxation. As you examine what options are available to create this new space, realize that you don't have to live by the standards of others when it comes to design or decor. Visualize implementing your own elements of design, those elements that make you feel good. Use colors on your walls that are warm, put up artwork that brings you enjoyment and remove anything that reminds you of negative or sad experiences.

Bringing peace indoors isn't about eliminating collections, photos of family, memorabilia or reminders of your responsibilities, it can simply mean rearranging those things throughout your living or working environment. For instance; taking down the clutter of reminder notes on a wall or refrigerator and putting them into a decorative book that you can close will reduce that constant in-your-face awareness of things you haven't yet accomplished. Leaving the book on a table is reminder enough that you need to review your notes or enter new ones. Creating smaller more subtle placements for your family photos, memorabilia and collections creates space that is necessary for a feeling of openness. It isn't about eliminating your responsibilities or taking away from the memory of family or friends, it is about reducing an overwhelming display that can cause anxiety.

Redistribute that which you own, your prized possessions and day-to-day utilities, into more efficient and less obstructive spaces. It isn't about investing in new containers or shelving, it's recognizing what you have and repurposing those items to be used for storage. Redistributing also isn't about getting rid of things. Redistributing is about refocusing on how to temporarily reduce what's in sight. The permanent removal of items that interfere with your peace comes naturally as you begin to redistribute. When you are ready to reduce your belongings, consider giving to others. This brings with it a sense of completion and is heart warming to experience.

Deciding to create a new environment doesn't mean all of your dreams need to be realized by turning that decision into a major project. This reaction often leads to delays in even making the smallest of changes. Do what you can by taking calculated steps carving out specific aspects of your project and scheduling them to take place within realistic time frames. The purpose of creating a calming environment is to reduce stress not create more by setting overwhelming goals. Once you make the decision to change, the activity surrounding the effort becomes easier. Consider seeking the assistance of others to help with your project and get you that much closer to the peace you want to realize.

During the process, take a walk outside. Refresh your soul, realize your dreams and live your way to calm.

It's as simple as that.

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