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10 Tips for Organizing After the Turkey

After the turkey is eaten, your guests are gone and Black Friday is a thing of the past. Take a moment to relax and then take time to refresh your kitchen refrigerator and cupboards in preparation for your next big holiday dinner.

1. Empty out the fridge. And, I mean empty it. This will give you a chance to see what has been hiding in the back and help you clear room for the new groceries to come.

2. Clean the fridge. There is nothing like having a refreshed refrigerator. This is also the perfect opportunity to move shelves around for easier access to the foods you love and use most often.

3. Repackage items you store in the fridge and freezer and label them so you can find them easily. You may be surprised at what you can fix with what you may have forgotten you had.

4. Spices are a must during the holidays so make them readily available. Look for options like racks or containers that will keep your spices fresh and easy to get to. Spices look nice when stored together as well.

5. Your pantry should look like a well organized grocery shelf. Categorize by food type; cereal, grains, canned goods, boxed meals, etc. Not only does this help with finding what you need but it will help organize your grocery list for the next shopping trip and maybe save you a little money.

6. Separate your baking supplies from your normal use pots, pans and food stuffs. Create a place just for them and include in the area everything you need for baking from flour to cake pans. This is great for the grandkids when they want to help out with the baking.

7. Don't forget potholders, aprons and towels. You'll need plenty so put them in a decorative basket or box on a counter or a side table for all to use.

8. Paper goods bought in bulk take up room so find a place out of the way for those large bundles. Take out only what you will need and keep them close to the areas you will use them most.

9. Cookbooks are fun to rummage through at any time. Install a shelf just for them so you won't forget to use them. It makes a warm and wonderful display in any kitchen.

10. Browse the internet for kitchen organizing ideas. Search places like The Container Store, Storables and Amazon and get hints from organizers and friends.

Make your holidays easy by getting your kitchen in order.

It's as simple as that!

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