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10 Tips on Packing for a Move

Moving involves many considerations. It can be difficult coordinating movers, drafting relocation notifications and managing people but packing your home is the most important task of all. You need to be prepared to avoid disaster and reduce stress. Here are 10 things you can do to make your packing project easier and damage free.

1. Purchase boxes in medium sizes with handle holes for most of your household items. They are easier to move and make for uniform stacking.

2. Use larger boxes that are specially designed for hanging clothes. This will keep your apparel organized and in good condition while making the trip.

3. Eliminate liquids that are in open bottles or move their contents into secure, air-tight containers to avoid spillage. It's not fun to have to clean up messes during a move.

4. Use proper packing materials. Paper (not newspaper which can leave residue on your things and you) that is especially made for packing those dishes or vases or delicate knickknacks. Small bubble wrap is good for breakables. It takes up less space than larger bubbles but the larger ones are perfect for filling space when boxes are near full but need extra padding.

5. Buy strong packing tape. Be sure to not only tape the main center seam on the bottom but tape flap ends as well. And, triple tape especially if packing breakables or heavy items like books.

6. Evenly disperse items within boxes to equalize the weight. Use combinations of light and heavier items to make boxes easier to maneuver and reduce the possibility of breakage.

7. Use towels and bedding to pad partially full boxes that contain breakables.

8. Make sure that what you pack is what you want to unpack. This is a perfect time to sort what you don't need and donate before you move.

9. Store your packed boxes in the room in which they were packed. Let the movers do the lifting.

10. Mark your boxes well. Write the location (kitchen, living room, desk, etc.) and the contents clearly on the top and two sides of the box. When boxes are stacked it will be easier to identify what's inside without having to move them. And, have movers place your boxes in the rooms where they belong.

During your packing project, take a drive. Get away for a while from the task to relax and look forward to your dream of a new home.

It's as simple as that!

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