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We are invested, emotionally and financially in everything we own and studies prove that letting go and throwing out can be painful. Just as painful as burning our tongue on a hot cup of coffee.

We have bought, collected and been given over the years until we have no more room. We want to be organized, but we don't know where to begin and we are often reluctant to reduce our inventory. Think of your belongings as items you have in your possession that no longer are increasing in value. Businesses reduce their inventory when it no longer generates a profit because it costs them more to have them in stock. Keeping things just to keep them costs us in overcrowding, loss of time and depletes our interest for engaging in new activities. But by eliminating what we don't need or have too much of benefits us with time to experience our dreams and saves us money we spend trying to increase our storage space.

It doesn't have to hurt to be organized. Just remember that the things we own have served their purpose, that what we have been given was out of love as reminders that someone cares and that what we have spent our dollars on was not wasted.

Let go and free yourself for what's really important.

It's as simple as that!

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