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The 4 Deterrents-Part Two Motivation

I believe there are four things that deter us from taking that first step to living organized. And, these four things are the reasons the overwhelming condition thrives. They are decision making, motivation, time and space. So, we need to put them in perspective if we want to experience a beneficial result.

After you have made the decision to take on an organizing project, getting the motivation to actually perform the task is just as important. Motivation is the enthusiasm that boosts your ability to dig in and aside from decision making, it is the second most difficult part of the organizing process.

Just because you made a decision to get organized doesn’t mean you are motivated to take it on. However, there are many effective ways to help you get motivated to start the process without letting it negatively affect your decision to do it. Face it, organizing your environment requires effort but it’s for a change that will last a lifetime. Don’t think of it as a chore but as an opportunity for a more manageable lifestyle and that can be motivating in itself.

There are things you can do to trick your mind into encouraging yourself to be motivated. One successful method is to schedule some uninterrupted time to sit down and write out what you would like to accomplish. I mentioned before the benefits of drafting a plan and that it requires you to focus on what needs to be done. Determine what you ultimately want to achieve, then break the larger goal down into realistic manageable tasks. Include a time line, materials for sorting, marking boxes or containers and a list of locations for donating and proper recycling. When you write down your goals for each area of your home or office, you are productively considering your options and you will find it easier to apply them to the organizing process. And, remember that once you have a plan, you won’t have to plan again.

Sometimes, your dream of what you want your project to be is a motivator. Maybe you love to cook but feel hindered by a disorganized kitchen. Ask yourself what is keeping you from using that space more efficiently. Perhaps travel is your dream yet you feel disorganized when it comes to making arrangements or deciding what you will need and the best ways to put them in order. Take on only those projects that will help you realize your dreams.

Get yourself moving by talking to someone. Everyone experiences moments of motivational lapse and talking it out will help you realize you aren't as stuck as you once thought. Let others encourage you and offer their support.

Another motivator is to involve other members in your family. Plan an event. Assign each person a task. Make invitations with the date and time of your organizing event. Write out instructions for their areas of responsibility and give them containers, bags, markers and a timeline to complete their project. Then reward them with a movie or a walk. Get away from the house for awhile to clear your mind and refocus. Just remember to clean up before you leave so you don’t have to face it when you return. If you are going it alone, reward yourself with new piece of art or a new room configuration. Realistic goals work the best giving back a fulfilling reward of achievement.

Motivate yourself by calling in a housekeeper to clean before your start your project. This will free you from having to deal with the normal day-to-day chores that distract you and keep you from taking on a new project. However, if you have already started a project make sure you have completed it or have temporarily put things away before you have your home cleaned again. Interruptions in the process may deter you from meeting your goals.

Turn on Spotify, iTunes, a radio or stereo and listen to the sounds of music. Music has a way of lifting our spirits, encouraging us to stand up and get moving. Then give yourself permission to relax knowing that there is nothing out there too big or too displaced that you can't conquer.

It's as simple as that!

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