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New Year's Resolutions

As we move into the new year, we think of renewal. The opportunity to change old habits and create new ones. We reflect, we redefine, we re-evaluate. It is the time when we pack up our holiday decorations and look around us to see where and how we can make our lives less stressful.

Simple changes in the way we schedule our time can become refreshing. When we plan, we gain perspective and become more productive. Don't pack too much into one day or one hour. Keep your goals manageable. Start small and build toward that ultimate accomplishment. You will experience satisfaction ongoing without overwhelming yourself along the way.

Allow for the unforeseen. Give yourself permission to change your mind if something unexpected comes your way. Avoid letting your schedule manage you. Flexibility is key to reducing stress.

Listen to the expectations of others and consider their input but realize they are not fully aware of your time or responsibilities. Paying attention to well meaning advice is a way toward improving your own goals. Just keep your reactions in check and monitor your responses so as not to bear ill will.

Look for ways to reinvigorate your home. Read about organizing your living space. Find creative tips and tricks online or through stores to add a spark of interest to organizing your stuff. You will find it motivating for maintaining order.

And, most important of all, enjoy the life you have created for yourself. Live this year with all the wonder and fulfillment stress-free living can bring.

It's as simple as that!

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