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Recycle Instead

Recycling means setting aside items for reuse and there are many ways to do this and feel good about letting go of things you no longer want or need. If you recycle instead of throwing things in the trash you will be helping others and reducing waste in our landfills.

Consider friends and family as a way to recycle clothing, furniture and other household items. Redistributing your treasures to those you hold dear shows that you are aware of situations in their lives where your donation might save them time and money.

When family and friends are not an option, there are donation centers everywhere for giving away practically everything. You can give to centers that, in turn, give your items to shelters for the homeless. Or, you can donate to charities that will resell your used items to those looking for a bargain. Most centers will give you a receipt for your donation so that you can deduct the value of the items you donate on your taxes. Some centers have restrictions on what they will and will not take so, make a few phone calls before you go or call for a pickup.

There are also recycling centers that only handle hazardous waste like; paint, medicine, electronics, etc. These centers are conscious of our environment, disposing of chemicals and other items through the proper resources. These locations don't accept clothing. But there are plenty of others that do.

Remember that the things you no longer need are seen as brand new to someone else and can even provide an opportunity for the creative crafter.

Be smart and go to Earth911 to find out about what you can recycle and where. They also post events that inform and support the recycling effort.

It's as simple as that!

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