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Are You a Natural Born Organizer?

Are you a natural born organizer? When it comes down to organizing our stuff, it isn't a job that comes naturally to most people. It would be nice if we were all efficient storers of our things, but we are human. We run in a million directions at once, taking on more activities than we can manage and dropping things wherever there is an empty or convenient space.

However, there are a few exceptional people who have an amazing knack for not only putting things in order, but keeping them that way. They are truly a wonder to watch. These talented souls know where everything is. They know exactly how to utilize and create storage space so their living environment is lean and organized. They live in peace while the rest of us donʼt have a clue where to start.

The natural born organizer would never allow their busy schedules to cause the kitchen table, the bottom stair of their two story home, the pass-through counter in their dining room, the coffee table, the entertainment center or the table in their hall to become the catch-all for stuff. If allowed to grow, these things quickly become piles of “I donʼt want to deal with this now”, fodder for future overwhelming nightmares. If you never leave your stuff there, you don't have to clear it off later.

These organizers never leave a task unfinished. When doing laundry, clothes are washed, dried, folded and put away. Nothing is left undone even to the point that while putting clothes in the closet or dresser, these experts look to see if they can donate at least one item from their inventory. They actually take stock of what they own and eliminate the possibility of having to deal with a larger project later.

Usually, when we look at the stuff we have accumulated, we instantly see it as an insurmountable chore and back down from even trying to make an effort to deal with it. So letʼs try doing what the methodically organized thinker does and apply their approaches to our lifestyles. Just because organizing doesnʼt come naturally to the rest of us doesnʼt mean we canʼt learn from those that have a natural talent for it. Weʼll just let them do all the brainwork for us.

It's as simple as that!

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