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Get Organized: Six Small Steps to Dramatic Change

So, you’ve decided to get organized. You think it might be a good time to make some dramatic changes for managing your time and creating a cleaner, simpler living environment. Sounds great to me! But, here’s the rub! Making the decision isn’t always the food that fuels the fire to get you moving in the right direction. You ask yourself, “What do I do first?”, “What do I need?”, “How am I going to find the time?” These are the questions that can actually prevent you from taking action. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you seriously start to look around at all the cupboards, closets, drawers and rooms you would like to organize.

I am very familiar with motivational pitfalls and I find it easier to think of organizing as a short-term lifestyle change. And that the small amount of time you invest now will ultimately give you more time to enjoy and manage your life later on.

  1. My approach to getting motivated is simple. First, I give myself permission to take my time. Your time is valuable and you are worth more than you might think, so consider how to build a simple a plan before you try to organize your time, your environment and your stuff.

  2. I start by creating a plan of attack. This is important before taking on any organizing project. I allow myself a few minutes out of my normal routine to decide exactly what I want to accomplish and when I want it accomplished by.

  3. I concern myself only with one main task like; “I need to get my office organized” or “I need to store seasonal clothing” or “I want to reorganize my kitchen pantry.” Keep your goals simple. Once that project is complete, you won’t feel as overwhelmed when moving on to the next one.

  4. Next, I make sure I have all the supplies I need before I begin. Rounding up a few boxes or bags will help when sorting through your things. Assign one for any items you want to donate or give away, one for trash and one for things that don't belong in the area your are organizing. Keep paper and a pen nearby to make notes about things you need to follow up on later. Then turn on some music, turn off your phone and start moving.

  5. I allow myself one hour at a time at first, giving myself a 15 minute break to do something else or just relax. You will find that by doing this initially, you will actually want to continue until your project is done.

  6. If I find myself slipping in the motivation department, I turn around and look at what I have accomplished which strengthens my resolve to complete my project.

You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish if you allow yourself to take small steps. The result is worth it.

  1. Give yourself permission to take your time.

  2. Plan your attack.

  3. Don’t overwhelm yourself by considering taking on more than one project at a time.

  4. Prepare.

  5. Manage your time and give yourself breaks.

  6. Step back and look at what you have accomplished.

Enjoy the freedom of an organized life.

And remember, if you need assistance with your organizing goals, we are always here to help.

It's as simple as that.

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