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Rethink Your Storage Space

When you're looking at all your stuff and thinking about getting organized, you may feel the need to purchase something to put your stuff in. People have a tendancy to run out to buy all sorts of containers, furniture and shelves when they think they have no place to put their things. I suggest you wait and rethink the storage space you already have because youʼll be surprised how much space you can find if you turn your thinking upside down.

There are so many overlooked storage spaces in your home that could be used to organize your stuff without spending any money at all. For instance, just because it looks like a toy box, doesn't mean it has to be used to store toys. If you look at your space from a totally different perspective, you will find storage opportunities everywhere. Repurposing an item will save you time and cash.

Take that toy box and turn it into a laundry hamper, game or seasonal clothing storage. Put an end table in your entry way for keys, coins, phones and chargers. Turn a china cabinet into craft storage. Take that small storage cube off the floor and hang it on a wall. This is a great idea for storing towels in a bathroom or books in your childʼs room. Why use your linen closet just for linens? Or bookshelves just for books?

Before you buy, look around at what you have and how much space you need to store it. Change your mind! Be creative! There are many other places, that with a little ingenuity, can save you money and time.

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