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Why Do We Buy Another One?

“I've got a brand new pair of roller skates" add to the five I already own... Does this sound familiar?

Iʼm here to say that unless you are a pro skater, you certainly donʼt need six pairs of roller skates. Then why DO we buy another pair of anything when we already have one...or two...or three? Well, there are several reasons.

Reason 1 - We Don't Think to Upgrade

We may own things that can be upgraded, meaning you have something that could be replaced by a newer version or model. This applies to just about everything: software, vacuum cleaners, beds, linens, clothes and well, a whole lot of things.

The positive part of upgrading is that you don't feel like you are losing something because you know the new will outperform the old.

However, upgrading is great only if you are truly exchanging the old for a better version. Because, if you donʼt, you are going to have to find a spot for the old one.

Reason 2 - Didnʼt Know I Had One

Most of us are wonderful at hiding things from ourselves. We often store things away and add to our stuff simply because we donʼt know where we put the first one or we donʼt remember even buying the first one. This is a great reason to sort through your things on a monthly or bi-monthly basis or to store items near where they are most likely to be used. Knowing where things are will help you avoid buying what you already have.

Reason 3 - Buy Just To Buy

The trouble comes in when we don't buy to replace, we buy because we can. The next thing you know, you have multiples of the same item and the clothes you own suddenly require an assessment by ʻCloset Worldʼ to expand your closet space.

There are many reasons why we buy new things. One is that we just love what's new. We go for trendy new big screen TV's, computers, clothes, and cars, all without considering what we are going to do with the stuff when we buy it. When we start buying just to buy, there can be serious consequences like letting your things pile up, which can lead to feeling confined or overwhelmed. It may even keep you from spending time with family and friends. We don't need to have anything negative influencing our lives so think hard before you buy, even when it comes to new storage containers or furniture because they often wonʼt allow you to deal with what you already own.

We work hard to earn money in order for us to make our living environment comfortable and afford ourselves a few luxuries. Sometimes itʼs difficult to let go of what we have spent good money on. There just comes a point when letting go is the most satisfying stress reliever ever.

There are also many ways to counter storing duplicates. You can hold a garage sale, pass them on to family members or donate to a charity. If you own things that canʼt be sold or given to a charity, consider recycling through your city's waste department. There are disposal facilities for anything from irons to CDʼs and these facilities are designed for proper destruction.

Itʼs worth it to be free from duplication, if for no other reason than being able to say...

Now, "I have a brand new pair of roller skates" and they're the only pair I own.

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